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For charities, community groups and families

The Family Volunteering Club is a great programme to be involved with - for charities, community groups and participating families!


The project has been initially piloted in the Lambeth / Southwark areas of London however we are interested in speaking to charities or businesses from anywhere in London (or across the UK) as we look to expand the programme. Maybe you already run sessions for families, or maybe this would be a new activity for you - either way do get in touch.


The potential benefits of getting involved are as follows:​​

  • The programme will get the word out about the fantastic work that you are doing, helping you to further reach into your local community and bring families into your building. The children and parents / carers alike will become advocates to their friends and families about the importance and value of the work that your organisation is doing.


  • The tasks that are completed as part of the sessions will be genuinely helpful to your organisation and make an immediate and tangible positive impact. 


  • Your charity can use the club as a stepping stone to further engaging the families with the work that you are doing, and tell them other ways they can get involved and support.


  • Participating groups will become part of a local (eventually national) network of charities who are proactively seeking to transform the way they engage with families through volunteering programmes.


  • The club has the potential to sow the seeds of more long term embedded change for particular causes. For example, children may become so impassioned about a particular cause (litter, homelessness, food banks etc.) that they use their experiences with your charity and the Family Volunteering Club as a motivation to engage in more bold political change.