About Us

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The Family Volunteering Club is being created to provide a programme of fun activities for families to do together, which are directly supporting local charities.

From planting seeds and building bug homes in the local park, sorting spare clothes at a homeless shelter, mucking out rabbit hutches at the local city farm or anything else that is helpful and fun to do - the programme provides kids and adults alike with that warming feeling that you've done something fab for your local community, whilst also having fun as a family.  It also introduces children at a young age to the concept of volunteering and helps them connect with causes on their doorstep,. By the nature of it being a Club, there will be little rewards for children to collect along the way! 

The Family Volunteering Club was created by Maddy Mills - arts producer and mum of one. Before having her son, Maddy (like many people) used to do volunteer work in her spare time - however post child this became much more difficult. The Family Volunteering Club was born out of this recognition that after having kids it can be really tricky to find the time to volunteer, or places where it's suitable to take your child along. These sessions are being designed specifically with children in mind so they are safe, suitable and loads of fun!

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